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      There have been many people that have helped contributed to the collection of information found here, both directly and indirectly. The original Zeppelin historians that have been uncovering and collecting information since the 70's established many of the facts that are presented here during a time when finding information was much harder to do. 'The Press Reports' by Robert Godwin, and 'The Concert File' by Dave Lewis and Simon Pallett were both groundbreaking historical documents that form much of the basis of what is currently known about Zeppelin's live career, and were great sources of information and inspiration for me. I would also like to thank Luis Rey. I have personally never read his books, but I know that his tireless efforts to identify medley songs has contributed greatly to the current understanding of that subject. Luis, how you identified many of those songs without the benefit of Google is a marvel for me.

      Many excellent websites have been resources for information and inspiration as well such as,,,,,, and A special thanks for all of the members of who have contributed with numerous corrections and additions and a general shared quest to get the facts straight over the years. Jason Peterson has created the best place for Zeppelin related discussion on the web at, and anytime something new is learned or released it is feverishly talked about by the community there. Insights gained from these discussions end up as part of the record that is collected here

      Mike Tremaglio has been working in the boiler rooms of many Zeppelin projects over the years and donated most of the memorabila and press clippings that are presented here as well as inspired me to ratchet up the historical accuracy. He shares my passion for learning all that there is to learn on this subject and continues to collaborate with me on getting everything included that we can find and perpetually shine light in all of the darkest corners of the archeological record of the band. Hynek Dvorak helped me to troubleshoot and proof read the site for months and months before it was officially released. Rashawn Jackson helped me with the web layout and presentation and Tim Romano has helped me on the programming side tremendously. A number of other people have submitted changes and updates and I appreciate every one of them