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Great Outdoor Amphitheatre
City: Dania, FL - Pirates World Amusement Center
United States
Date Opened: Apr 1, 1967
Date Closed: 1975
Concert Capacity: ???
Address: East Sheridan Street, Dania Fl
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Venue Notes

Pirate's World was one of the largest 'special theme' amusement parks in the United States when it opened in 1967. The stage for rock concerts was an outdoor amphitheatre.

Pirate's World was the site of a large number of rock concerts from 1969-1973. A portion of 'Johnny Winter And-Live' LP was recorded there.

A number of really cheesy movies used the amusement park for filming: Jack and the Beanstalk (1970) Thumbelina (1970) Musical Mutiny (with Iron Butterfly! - 1970) Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (1972)

The Watermark condominiums were built on the grounds of the amusement park in 1982.

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