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The Grande Ballroom
City: Detroit, MI
United States
Date Opened: 1966
Date Closed: 1972
Concert Capacity: 1,837
Address: 8952 Grand River Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48204
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Venue Notes

Opened in 1928, the bottom floor contained retail space (Beverly's, Grant's, and then a drugstore). The ballroom on the second floor was used for jazz and big band.

Before the Grande Ballroom opened it had also been a roller rink and mattress warehouse.

The ballroom with a huge wooden floor was on the second floor of the building. It had a Moroccan-Spanish type architecture on the inside with corridors that surrounded the ballroom with seating, so people could sit outside the dance floor and talk. A huge proscenium over the stage. Dressing rooms on either side."

Today the venue is all boarded up and severely decayed.

Notes: The Grande Ballroom in 2003